Building a nation of innovators

Canada is on its way to becoming a global leader in innovation. Actua plays a pivotal role in helping Canada get there by building a strong culture of innovation and entrepreneurship among youth. We deliver STEM learning experiences that prepare youth for careers in Canada’s most promising industries.

Digital Agriculture & Food Sustainability

Actua, Enterprise Machine Intelligence & Learning Initiative (EMILI) and Agriculture in the Classroom Canada (AITC-C) have come together to support Protein Industries Canada (PIC) to address the agriculture industry’s growing need for a diverse and skilled workforce. Together, we’re focused on strengthening the digital agriculture ecosystem in Canada by building skills, awareness for and interest in plant protein, agrifood and digital agriculture sectors among youth.

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Project Overview

The program builds off Actua’s existing programs by engaging K-12 youth living in Canada’s prairie provinces (Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba) in high-impact, hands-on STEM programs. These programs are designed to build critical, in-demand skills in the plant-protein, agrifood and digital agriculture sectors and connect participants to relevant careers paths and opportunities. All educational content delivered through this program focuses on promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion in the industry by incorporating diverse perspectives, values, and worldviews, especially those of Indigenous peoples who we know have a deep connection and understanding of the land and its ecology.

Biotechnology & Health Sciences

The COVID-19 pandemic has underscored the importance of science, technology and innovation within healthcare. With support from NSERC’s PromoScience Program, Actua mobilizes knowledge among subject matter experts and works with our network members to deliver activities and resources that build awareness for the importance of health science and promotion among youth.


The ocean is an essential component of the Earth’s ecosystem; it is a source of biodiversity, food, life, and more. At Ocean Networks Canada, the broad range of ocean observing systems in the deep ocean and coastal waters are providing unprecedented information about the three coasts of Canada. Ocean knowledge is derived from diverse sources and ways of knowing, including but not limited to natural and social sciences, Indigenous knowledge, observations and modelling, monitoring technology, data science, and the arts. Since 2016, Actua’s Outreach Team has partnered with Ocean Network Canada to co-develop learning activities and content for our northern programs in Nunavut and the Northwest Territories, including STEM classroom kits and summer camps.

Artificial Intelligence

Actua’s has developed an artificial intelligence (AI) curriculum for Canadian high school students. Working with a team of leading AI experts, we’ve developed activities to explore fundamental skills and knowledge in AI and machine learning, and how AI will influence future careers. The best part? We’re making this curriculum publicly available for teachers, parents and whoever else is interested. 

Access our interactive AI resources, including Actua’s AI Education Handbook:

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