Actua is a dynamic team made up of audacious visionaries and practical instigators. Our diverse skills, perspectives and experiences are bound by our unwavering commitment to curiosity, collaboration and bold purposeful action as a path to achieve our goals.

Board Members

Trevor Cuddy, Chair

Director, Continuing Professional Development, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto

Dr. Tibetha Kemble

Dean, Faculty of Arts & Sciences, NorQuest College

Mike Munoz, Treasurer

VP of External Relations

Jennifer Flanagan, Secretary

President and CEO, Actua

James Olson

Professor and Dean of the Faculty of Applied Science

Mary Wabano- Mckay

Vice President Nyaagaaniid, Algoma University

Marshall Self

Managing Director, Google Canada

Denise Williams

CEO, First Nations Technology Council

Tyler Wish

CEO, Neuro Pharmaka Inc

Katharine Smart


Jennifer Flanagan

Co-Founder & CEO

As the Co-founder, President and CEO of Actua, Jennifer leads a national network engaging 350,000 youth each year. Known for its impact with underserved audiences, Actua works extensively with girls and young women, Indigenous youth, rural and Arctic communities and youth facing socio-economic challenges.

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Staff Members

Administration and Operations

Marliina Pollard

Senior Director, Finance

Virginia Hall

Senior Director, Research and Risk

Christine Thomsen

Executive Assistant to the CEO and Office Manager

Nicole Rainville

Manager of Human Resources

Christina Dornan

Executive Liaison to the Board

Émmanuel Vien

Administration Assistant

Outreach and Education

Jenifer Spencer

Vice President, Outreach and Education

Mikayla Ellis

Senior Manager, Outreach

Janelle Fournier

Manager, Education

Abbey Ramdeo

Education Specialist, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion

Alicia Henderson

Specialist, Education and Content

Aimen Aziz

Manager, Credentialing

Cassidy Swanston

Outreach Content Creator

Katey Bender

Outreach Coordinator

Jalina Korsmit

Outreach Content Creator

Mickole Mulano

Digital Skills Educator

National InSTEM Program

Doug Dokis

Advisor, National Indigenous Youth in STEM Program

Joel Gamache

Senior Manager of Community Relations and National Programs

Ethan Boyer

Manager, Indigenous Youth in STEM Program

Noreen Demeria

Contractor, National Youth Indigenous in STEM Program

Network Member Services

Tracy Ross

Vice President, Network Membership

Laura Collins

Director, Network Member Services

Lauren Dickhout

Manager, Network Member Services

Melisa Yestrau

Network Membership Leadership and Development Coach

Jennifer Ladipo

Manager, National Programs

Carolyne Bjerring

Membership and Project Lead

Kiana Lawrence

Assistant, Network Member Services


Alison Gareau

Senior Director, Communications

Fatima Jama

Specialist, Social Media and Communications

Emmanuelle Provost

Senior Manager of Communications

Clara Zamith

Multimedia Designer

Development and Partnerships

Valeria Iannitti

Vice President, Development and Partnerships

Brianna MacAulay

Partner Engagement Specialist

Alexandra Williams

Senior Specialist of Fundraising and Development

Christine Riddell

Senior Manager of Partner Relations

Systems and Information Management

Mark Zwicker

Vice President, Technology

Zach Wynen

Coordinator, Technology Systems