STEM is instrumental in solving the world’s biggest challenges, such as climate change, infectious diseases, and food insecurity. Our future depends on our ability to inspire and prepare youth with the skills and confidence in STEM.

Evidence-based research confirms we’re creating positive and significant changes in the attitudes and behaviours of youth toward STEM at every stage in their education and career pathway. And it doesn’t stop there. By engaging youth today, we’re strengthening the social fabric and economic outcomes of the future.

Our Reach

Actua is a program that is all around Canada. My students have learnt so much and enjoyed all activities. I believe my students will use this in the future. Thank you!

- Program Participant

Publications & Reports

Everything we do has a purpose guided by evidence and backed by ongoing reflection and discussion with those we serve. Explore some of the evidence driving our work, as well as our impact, in the reports and publications below: