Empowering educators and caregivers.

Educators and parents play a critical role supporting their children in STEM. But, fulfilling this role isn’t always easy. Actua empowers educators, parents and caregivers with practical resources and everyday activities to help youth foster a curiosity for STEM and gain the skills and confidence needed to pursue higher education and succeed in the rapidly evolving workforce.

Educator Professional Learning

While STEM skills are increasingly in-demand, many educators across Canada do not feel adequately trained to teach coding, data science, or emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence. Yet, we know from a recent survey that:

  • 9 in 10 teachers believe that STEM skills and knowledge are important to students’ future education, careers and being an informed citizen, and say that it is important for teachers to develop these skills among their students.
  • 94 percent of teachers agree there is room to improve their own STEM and digital skills.
  • Teachers would like to do more STEM and digital skills professional development but face barriers – including limited opportunities, lack of time and cost.

Actua's National Educator Professional Learning Program

Actua provides educators, including K-12 pre-service and classroom teachers, administrators, and postsecondary faculty members, with professional development opportunities and resources designed to enhance learning outcomes and equip youth with the latest, most in-demand STEM skills. Skills like, edtech, coding and digital skills, robotics, artificial intelligence, cyber security and digital citizenship, engineering design/design thinking, and makerspace education.

All resources and training opportunities emphasize hands-on, experiential learning that is inclusive of a diverse student population.

Canadian teachers believe that STEM skills and knowledge are important to students’ future education, careers and citizenship.

Canadian Teachers’ Readiness for STEM Education

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Parent and Caregiver Support

As parents, we all have our own memories of STEM education. Positive or negative, these memories can make us feel anxious about helping our own children with STEM. But, there are so many fun and creative ways we can engage our kids in STEM and build critical skills, such as critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration and experimentation. Actua provides parents and caregivers a broad range of practical resources and interactive activities you can do with kids at home to further their STEM learning outside the classroom.

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