Preparing youth for a digital future.

In today’s digitally-driven world, it’s vital youth not only know how to use emerging technologies but understand how they work. Our digital-skill building programs equip youth with the skills and confidence to safely participate in and creatively contribute to the design of our digital world while becoming good digital citizens.

Coding and Digital Skills

Actua’s network members across Canada offer year-round digital skill-building camps, clubs and workshops for youth in K-12. Programs help youth develop digital literacy skills while learning to code and exploring topics like app creation, artificial intelligence and big data.

Canadian parents, guardians, and children believe that digital literacy and coding will be important for future careers. Overall, 92 per cent of students and parents/guardians believe that knowing how to use digital technologies—like smart phones and computers—will be very or extremely important to future careers.

Coding the Future:

Results from Actua’s National Survey on what Canadian youth and their parents think about coding

Cyber Smart Education

A critical part of engaging youth in technology is ensuring they have the knowledge and skills to be responsible and empowered online. Our Cyber Smart Education Project aims to empower youth to explore, create and connect responsibly online. All of the resources created for this project are built on three pillars: cybersecurity, cyber safety and digital citizenship. The project helps youth understand how to critically assess online interactions, avert online threats and use technology in innovative, healthy and safe ways while also introducing them to careers in cybersecurity. Our goal is to create a new cyber-smart generation ready to embrace the challenges of the digital age!

The Cyber Smart Handbook is designed to support educators in their journey to bring cyber smart education into classrooms.

Cyber Smart Handbook

Actua’s Cyber Smart Educator Handbook

Visit our library of online resources to help youth build strong digital citizenship and stay safe online:

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Artificial Intelligence

Actua’s has developed an artificial intelligence (AI) curriculum for Canadian high school students. Working with a team of leading AI experts, we’ve developed activities to explore fundamental skills and knowledge in AI and machine learning, and how AI will influence future careers. The best part? We’re making this curriculum publicly available for teachers, parents and whoever else is interested.

Actua’s AI handbook supports pre-service and classroom teachers in bringing AI concepts and activities into the classroom. The handbook will teach you everything you need to know about AI fundamentals.

AI Handbook

Actua’s Artificial Intelligence Education Handbook

Access our interactive AI resources and activities:

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