STEM Professionals Share their Stories and Advice to Inspire Youth

November 8, 2022

Today is National STEM Day – a day dedicated to encouraging kids to explore their interests in science, technology, engineering, art, and math. What better way to do this than to hear testimonials from everyday STEM professionals and their advice to those who will one day fill their shoes?

Actua has been working with leading industry organizations for decades. Staff from these organizations frequently volunteer their time at our local programs to share their stories and insights from the field. Together, we’re ensuring the next generation hears first-hand about the exciting career opportunities available to them and STEM’s invaluable role in shaping our world.

STEM Advice and Career Stories

Professionals from a few of our partner organizations – Finning, Imperial and Microsoft Canada – share their stories, advice and insights to encourage more youth to pursue careers in STEM.

Finning Advice Series

Krista Posser, Reliability Engineer, shares her STEM career advice and experience working at Finning.

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Imperial Advice Series

Jessie Malone, Safety and Environment Lead, Haley Walker, Chemical Engineer and Mike Cecconi, External Relations Manager share their STEM career advice and experience working at Imperial.

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Microsoft Canada Advice Series

Deanna LaJambe, Support Escalation Engineer and Róisín Bonner, Product Marketing Manager, share their STEM career advice and experience working at Microsoft Canada.

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