Jennifer Flanagan and Amber Mac: The Impacts of Digital Transformation on Youth

March 4, 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about a massive shift in the way youth engage with technology. Now more than ever, it’s important to consider how we can help shape digital spaces and equip youth with both the technology and the skills needed to stay safe and thrive in the era of rapid digitalization.

Jennifer Flanagan, President and CEO of Actua and Amber Mac, TV and Entrepreneur, sat down to discuss digital equity, cyber safety and the future of work.

You can watch the series below:

Digital Equity

Digital equity refers to the condition in which everyone has the capacity and resources needed to fully participate in education, the economy and society, which – in today’s world – requires digital technology. Here in Canada, despite being considered one of the most developed and diverse countries in the world, many young people in Canada continue to face barriers to accessing and participating in this technology.

Hear Jennifer’s thoughts on the pandemic’s impact on the digital divide in Canada and why digital equity is critical for a prosperous and thriving economy.

Jennifer Flanagan x Amber Mac: Digital Equity

Cyber Safety

It’s been a challenging year for youth. The online world has become an easy place for youth to build connections, express opinions and foster a sense of belonging. And while these interactions can contribute to the positive development and well-being of youth, the internet can also be a place where youth fall victim to various online threats, including phishing, fraud, ID theft, bullying and exploitation.

Amber Mac and Jennifer Flanagan discuss the latest digital practices among youth and the associated risks, as well as what parents and educators can do to help youth benefit from, contribute to and thrive in our rapidly evolving digital world.

Jennifer Flanagan x Amber Mac: Online Safety

Future Skills

COVID-19 has fundamentally changed the way we work. We can now be sure every job now and in the future will rely on digital technology.

In this video, Jennifer Flanagan and Amber Mac discuss the widening skills gap resulting from digitalization, the skills youth will need to thrive in the workforce of tomorrow, and tips for educators and parents to support youth preparing for their future careers.

Jennifer Flanagan x Amber Mac: Future Skills

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