And They’re Off! Meet Actua's 2022 Outreach Instructors

July 19, 2022

Actua’s 2022 Outreach Instructors are off to northern and remote communities for STEM camp delivery.

Every year Actua hires a group of Outreach and Land Camp instructors to deliver summer STEM camps in northern, Indigenous and remote communities across Canada.

This year’s instructors are traveling within pods (a group of 3 instructors) to different communities each week, delivering culturally relevant, community-based STEM programming. Each instructor plays an invaluable role in creating safe and inclusive learning environments that help youth build critical skills and confidence and understand how STEM relates to their local communities.

Through this unique employment experience, instructors can explore diverse communities, immerse themselves in culturally enriching environments and build deep, long-lasting relationships with community partners and peers. All while serving as inspiring role models for youth and pillars of the Actua community.

Meet Our 2022 Actua Outreach Instructors!

Meet our 2022 Instructors!

Pod 1!

From left to right: 

Institution: Concurrent Education program at Queen’s University in Kingston.


Institution: General Science at the University of Waterloo in Waterloo, studying Biology and Geoscience.

Institution: Going into her second year at Trent University in Peterborough for Indigenous Environmental Science and Studies.


Pod 2!

From left to right: 

Institution: Biomedicine at the University of Ottawa.

Institution: Biochemistry at Queen’s University.

Institution: Bachelor of Health Sciences at McMaster University.

Pod 3!

From left to right: 

Institution: Nursing at McGill University.

Institution: Attending OCAD University in Toronto to study Indigenous Visual Cultures in the fall.

Institution: Industrial Arts Teacher Education with a second major in Kinesiology.

Pod 4!

From left to right: 

Institution: Industrial Arts Teacher Education program at Red River College.

Institution: Inuit Studies at Nunavut Sivuniksavut, Ottawa. 

Institution: Technology Education diploma at the British Columbia Institute of Technology.

Pod 5!

From left to right: 

Institution: Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Ottawa.

Institution: Industrial Arts Teacher Education Program at Red River College Polytechnic.

Institution: Psychology at Concordia University of Edmonton.