Being Online (Gr. 5-7)

Topics: Online Identities, Online Interactions, Oversharing, Personal Data

In this activity, participants will explore their online identity (and how that compares to their offline self) and reflect on the various intentions of other users online. Key topics that will be discussed include digital persona and oversharing. Participants will leave with a stronger understanding of how to interpret the online behaviours of others, as well as how to carefully consider the importance of being aware of their digital footprint.

This activity is part of a series in the cyber smart education suite which includes; Digital Citizenship and You, Being Online, Web Detective, Netiquette, Crack the Code and Secure the Network. These activities have been developed for in-person delivery, including suggestions for virtual settings or settings with low/no access to technology. Explore Actua’s Cyber Smart Educator Handbook to learn how you can bring cyber smart education into your teaching context.

Activity Write Up

Being Online