Why Teachers

We know that teachers are incredibly important influencers of youth. Through introductory sessions, demonstration workshops, and high impact training programs, Actua supports teachers with the awareness and capacity to fulfill their critical role in youth engagement in STEM, digital skills and coding.

How Actua Supports Teachers

Actua’s network members and education team deliver professional development for teachers from coast to coast. These can range from single workshops to building communities of practice that connect teachers interested in STEM, engineering design, digital skills and coding, and more. Through educator conferences, professional development days, after-school and weekend training sessions, in-classroom mentorship, and supporting resources, Actua and its network members provide multiple touch-points throughout the year to engage teachers in continuous learning.  

What We Offer

Actua’s teacher engagement program is designed to connect K-12 educators from coast to coast with innovative and inspiring professional development opportunities. With support from CanCode, there is a particular focus to equip teachers, like students, with the toolsets, skillsets, and mindsets to integrate coding and digital skills into classroom instruction. Delivery is focused on removing barriers to integrating coding, and equipping teachers with relevant resources to bring coding and digital skills to their students while connecting activities to learning outcomes in the curriculum. Other topics offered include makerspace education, inclusive classrooms, and supporting girls in STEM. Actua’s focus on programming that serves underrepresented youth is reflected in our professional development for teachers.

Our Impact

In 2017-2018, we trained over 3,000 educators through our teacher engagement program. By the end of the 2018-19 school year, an additional 8,500 educators are expected to be reached through Actua’s professional development offerings. Our impact is reflected in teachers that are inspired, engage in continuous learning, and share their knowledge and skills with both students and fellow educators moving forward.

Upcoming Opportunities

Below are some of the upcoming events at which our national team will be offering professional development for teachers. Please contact your local Actua network member for other opportunities in your community.

STEAM Days of Summer (hosted by Science World) 

August 12-16, 2019 in Vancouver, BC (with support from Actua network member Geering Up)

Contact Us

If you would like to learn more about how Actua can support professional development in your community or have ideas for our teacher engagement program, please email teachers@actua.ca.