About Codemakers

Codemakers is a national program delivered by Actua, in partnership with Google.org to transform the way youth engage with computer science. From 2015-2017, 130,000 youth across Canada will be engaged in digital skill building experiences that move them from being consumers of technology to producers of technology.

The project pairs the creative minds of Canadian Google engineers with Actua’s top computer science thinkers to develop dynamic new computer science (CS) and technology experiences for youth. With hands-on learning, Codemakers inspires young Canadians to learn computer science as a pathway to invention and future discovery and to participate in new and emerging careers.

Why Digital Literacy Matters

Recognizing the critical need for youth to develop digital skills starts with understanding that computer systems drive just about everything that defines modern society as we know it. Whether it’s the alarm app that wakes you with your favourite music, the coffee machine that makes your favourite brew or the traffic light that clears your path to school or work - behind every application, there is a person who coded the programs that make them work.

It also requires understanding that digital science is relevant to all fields. It’s not just engineers and scientists who use computer science applications in their work. Whether you are a writer, a graphic artist, a dancer or a musician - digital science is core to your field of work and the opportunity to innovate through the use of computer science and technology is everywhere. All youth, regardless of background, ability or socio-economic status, should be empowered to apply their knowledge and skills in the development of new technology to make their world a better place.